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ENERGY SAVING TIPS – Do What You Can to Conserve Electric?

– Convert all your lights to Compact Florescent or LED. Remove any Hallogen lights in the house. They burn very hot, which drives up your A/C costs.
– When buying new appliances, get Energy Star rated equipment.
– Run fans to keep cool. A fan uses a fraction of the cost of an A/C.
– Install thermal curtains of the appropriate colors.
– Turn off any lights, computers, game systems, TV’s, etc, that you don’t need.
– Get your HVAC checked before it breaks. Maintaining your system prevents days without air and makes sure your system is as efficient as possible. Spend a few dollars now to prevent large costs later.
– If you live in a second story unit and wish to insulate the attic over your unit at your own cost, contact SNL Management.
– If you want to be sure your doors and windows are sealed, call the management to have the maintenance staff do caulking for your unit.
– Avoid Heat Generating activities during the day. Cook and dry clothes at night. Microwave food as much as possible. It’s very efficient and doesn’t heat up the house.
– If you want to install double pane, low-e windows or replace your sliding glass door with a more efficient french door please let management know. Both of these options are available to home owners.


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Las Colonitas Condominiums are professionally managed by
SNL Associates, Inc
4230 LBJ Freeway
Suite #148
Dallas, Texas 75244

Electric payments should
be sent to:
PO BOX 271029
Dallas, TX 75227

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