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The information located on this site has moved to Worth Ross’s site. Call or email Kerry to get your unique user Id and password that you will need to log onto the site to see the Las Colonitas HOA documents, minutes, etc.

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Board of Directors – How to Apply

If you’re interested in serving as a board member, please fill this out and email or fax it back to Melissa at Worth Ross:


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Request to Speak

This form must be filled out to address the board at any Board of Directors Meeting.


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Certificate of Liability Insurance

The General and Umbrella Liability insurance is now supplied by Harris F. Underwood effective May 15, 2012: Las Colonitas Certificate of Insurance.

This is insurance for the general property. Homeowners must have their own liability insurance on their condo.

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Crime Watch – Emergency Contacts

911 — For all Fire, Police or Medical issues. Do not call a board member to call 911 for you. Call 911 directly.

Loose or Aggressive Animal
City of Dallas 311

Gas Emergencies or Electrical Outages
Call Worth Ross at 214-522-9100

Towing Services
Southwest Auto Tow 972-247-0045

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Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws & CCR

01. Articles of Incorporation

02. Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions

03. Bylaws

04. 1st Amendment to Declaration of Covenants, Conditions & Rest

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ENERGY SAVING TIPS – Do What You Can to Conserve Electric?

– Convert all your lights to Compact Florescent or LED. Remove any Hallogen lights in the house. The burn very hot, which drives up your A/C costs.
– When buying new appliances, get Energy Star rated equipment.
– Run fans to keep cool. A fan uses a fraction of the cost of an A/C.
– Install thermal curtains of the appropriate colors.
– Turn off any lights, computers, game systems, TV’s, etc, that you don’t need.
– Get your HVAC checked before it breaks. Maintaining your system prevents days without air and makes sure your system is as effecient as possible. Spend a few dollars now to prevent large costs later.
– If you live in a second story unit and wish to insulate the attic over your unit at your own cost, contact Worth Ross Management.
– If you want to be sure your doors and windows are sealed, call the management to have the maintenance staff do caulking for your unit.
– Avoid Heat Generating activities during the day. Cook and dry clothes at night. Microwave food as much as possible. It’s very efficient and doesn’t heat up the house.
– If you want to install double pane, low-e windows or replace your sliding glass door with a more efficient french door please let management know. Both of these options are available to home owners.
– Read your electric meter. Find where it is and learn how to read it. Here’s a website that explains how you can read your meter.

The HOA is also cutting back. We are installing more efficient lights as the existing ones need replacing and we are reviewing ways to save in other areas. More information will be posted as we make progress.

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LBJ Express

Our city coucil member, Ann Margolin, sent us this link to keep up with the new LBJ Express Construction.

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Owner Tenant Information Sheet


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Pest Control

Pest Control is available on an as needed basis. Please call Worth Ross Management to have your unit treated.

Our pest control company can treat for mice if you will just let Melissa at Worth Ross Management know. Our service agreement with them covers this procedure. If you need treatment for rats, pest control can put out bait boxes for this problem. However, there is an extra charge for this as our service agreement does not include this treatment.

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Contact the Board or the Management Company

* Call 214-522-9100 (Worth Ross management company) for all emergencies.

* Contact the board or the management company by emailing our community manager, Melissa Zacha, at

* Leave a written message in the black drop box by the South Clubroom office.

Board Members

Bill Coe - President
Rupesh Vora - Vice President
Deborah Simmons - Treasurer
Mike Harris - Secretary
Chris Romero
Eric Mueller
Cathey Nagy
Laura Nardozza
Carrie Romero
Directors for 2012-2014
Bill Coe
Cathey Nagy
Deborah Simmons
Eric Mueller
Mike Harris
Directors for 2011-2013
Carrie Romero
Laura Nardozza
Chris Romero
Rupesh Vora

Upcoming HOA Meetings

(all meetings at 6:30 pm unless
otherwise noted)

* January 23, 2013 Board Meeting
* February 27, 2013 Board Meeting

The Board of Directors Usually meets on the 4th Wednesday of the month at 6:30 pm in the North Clubhouse located on the property.

Las Colonitas Condominiums are professionally managed by
Worth Ross Management Company, Inc
3710 Rawlins #850
Dallas, TX 75219
214-522-9100 (office)
214-528-6889 (fax)

Electric payments should
be sent to:
PO BOX 271029
Dallas, TX 75227